“If you are planning to live long, it makes sense to invest in real estate” - Wale Owomoyela, RE Developer
Our Goal: To provide 50,000 housing solutions by 2020.
“Now, one thing I tell everyone is learn about real estate. Real estate provides the highest returns, the greatest values and the least risk.”
– Armstrong Williams
“If you know when to buy, where to buy and who to buy from, real estate is the cheapest, the easiest and the most profitable form of human investment” - Wale Owomoyela, RE Developer
“Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity has devised. It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security”
– Russell Sage
“If you are smart, real estate is always affordable”
- Wale Owomoyela, RE Developer
“The beauty of real estate is to buy a property cheap, wait a while and watch the value go off the roof” - Wale Owomoyela, RE Developer


IPC Homes Limited is a dynamic real estate development company operating in the United States and Nigeria. We provide incredible real estate investment solutions, unrivalled property management services and luxurious, yet affordable residential and commercial developments. With acute understanding of the investment interest and housing needs of our clients and a street-level understanding of the real estate market, we tailor real estate solutions for all classes of people on both sides of the Atlantic. We currently operate in the Federal Capital Territory, Ibadan, Lagos and Georgia, USA

CORE VALUES  Affordability, Professionalism, Integrity and Innovation

VISION To be the premier provider of affordable housing solutions to middle-class Nigerians.

OUR PHILIOSOPHY We believe that everyone has a right to a decent shelter and we want to debunk the myth that real estate is expensive. We have made it an objective, not only to build a home, but to also help you afford your home within your current income



Adewale Oluwamomi Owomoyela

Managing Director

Bunmi Abayomi

Client Happiness Manager

Oyebusola Oyesola

Client Service Associate

Segun Oluwafemi


Aniekan Ekpo

Marketing Manager

Martins Akpulu

Investment Advisor

Richard Tifva

Site Officer

Mohammed Usman

Investment Advisor

Rita Ige

Investment Advisor

Simeon Bernard

Investment Advisor

Edionwele Osasuyi

Investment Advisor

Lydia Igoche

Investment Advisor

Fidelis Kurah

Investment Advisor

Lucas Nanpong

Site Foreman

Folasade Adeomi

Civil Engineer


Olive Garden (SOLD OUT) Olive Garden Estate, Abuja
Olive City (SOLD OUT) Olive City Estate, Abuja.
Sweet Waters (SOLD OUT) Sweet Waters Estate, Abuja
Rocky River (SOLD OUT) Rocky River Estate, Abuja
Pepperpike Estate (SOLD OUT) Pepperpike Estate, Abuja
Summer Street I & II Summer Street Estate, Abuja
Petra Town homes (SOLD OUT) Petra Town homes, Lagos.
Olive City (SOLD OUT) Olive City Estate, Ibadan


Land banking is the practice of purchasing parcels of land for future sale or development. To maximize returns however, the land must be close to an ever-expanding metro area like Abuja, Lagos or Port Harcourt, it must be along the part of development or in areas of natural beauty or industrial interest. A typical landbanker is smart and understands that only real estate delivers the best returns with the least effort and risk. Rather than putting cash into a savings account (where it will earn a maximum of 6% interest every year) or stock market (which has become increasingly unpredictable in recent years), some investors have taken an alternative approach by acquiring LAND and in doing so, they have chosen to park their cash in a tangible, fixed asset – one that cannot be broken or destroyed.

Location. Most bankable lands are located some kilometers outside the city and so it seems far and seriously undeveloped. Interestingly, it is only in these parts that lands are cheap and undervalued.

Time. It takes time for land to appreciate well. People are often unsure of how long it will take for the value to mature Uncertainty. The rate of appreciation per year is hard to calculate. Land generally appreciates but lands around a city don’t appreciate at the same rate so it is uncertain what the land will be worth in say 2 years or 5 years’ time.

Fear. People are often unsure about the title because many people have been scammed in the past. Others are concerned about the government taking over the land for overriding public interest.

Vacant land gets ignored by most new investors because let’s be honest – it just doesn’t sound exciting. Unfortunately, this causes most people to overlook a lot of the advantages that land has over traditional real estate investments (e.g. – houses, apartment buildings, commercial properties, etc.). Unlike most residential and commercial buildings, land costs virtually nothing to own… no utility payments, no tenant problems, no termite infestations, no leaky faucets, no broken toilets and no mortgage payments.

Think about it… you can buy a piece of vacant land today. Walk away from it for 10 years and when you come back, nothing will have changed. Can you think of a safer investment?

  1. It is located within 30 kilometers or within 1hr drive of the city center of an ever-expanding metro city like Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt.
  2. It is part of or close to a planned residential, commercial or industrial development.
  3. There is a current or proposed infrastructure to integrate the location of the land to the city.
  4. The land is free of all legal, communal and environmental encumbrances.

Purchased land is banked until there is a substantial increase in value because land value increases as the result of demand, rezoning, population growth or municipal expansion.

Land banking key indicators:

  1. Level, usable land.
  2. Easy to reach by car, rail and air.
  3. Utilities in place for huge growth.
  4. Close to an ever-expanding metro area like Abuja, Lagos or Port-Harcourt.
  5. Current industries growing, more planned.
  6. Existing commercial and residential development.
  7. Studies projecting healthy population growth.
  8. Master plan for streets, roads, sewer, electric and gas

All 8 indicators must be present to make a good land banking purchase.

Bwari, Abuja: In 2004, a plot of land in Bwari was N150,000. The same plot is now selling for N4m in 2015.
Kuje Abuja: in 2007, a plot of land in Kuje was N600,000. The same plot now sold for N5m in 2014.
Lokogoma Abuja: In 2007, a plot of land in Lokogoma was N700,000 in some estates, the same land now selling for N12m.
Nyanya, Nasawawa State: In 2005, a plot of land was N100,000. The same land now sells for N4.2m
The value appreciation rate is never the same nor 100% measurable but it is always astronomical invalue.

Anyone. Land banking does not require education, all it takes is time and foresight. The land around every major city in the world are owned by a few people with forsight. People such as Bob Hope and Donald Trump have reaped tremendous reward from buying large areas and holding the property until the market commanded a considerable return when sold. The rich are often the ones that take advantage of land banking but a new generation of middle-income investors are now taking advantage of land banking because volatility of the stock market and frustration with low bank rates


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1.How am I sure my investment is safe if I buy into any of these estates?

We ensure that all our estates are free from all legal, communal and environmental encumbrances. We work in 100% compliance with regulatory agencies of government so as to give you rest of mind over your investment.

2.How am I sure that the locations of the estates will develop fast?

IPC invests in these estates as well, that is why we acquire land only in areas that are very promising and strategically located. Most times, the execution of an on-going construction is all that our estate locations need to boom. The beauty of real estate investment is to buy cheap just before an area opens up to fast development and rapid value appreciation.

3.Are there any other fees associated with the land?

Yes, you will pay 15% of the cost of Land as survey and legal fees. Subscribers will also pay a one-time fee for development which will cover Building Plan Approval, setting-out, excavation and supervision. This fee comes due only when you are about to commence developing your land. IPC Homes Limited and other stakeholders of each estate will later agree on infrastructure fee for each estate. Buyers of Small World under Summer Street Estate will bear all cost associated with processing land title in their own name and all associated development charges because of the peculiarity of their purchase

4.What kind of infrastructure will IPC homes provide?

IPC has done the perimeter fencing and will build the playground and sports center. Other infrastructural projects like roads, electricity, drainages, street lights will be completed with infrastructural fee to be paid by all subscribers. The amount to be paid will be agreed on by all stakeholders later.

5.Is there any restriction to the type of building I can build?

Yes, you are to build in conformity with the estate prototype as much as possible, but we will permit some level of changes in the interior of the designs

6.If I change my mind about the land purchase, can I get my money back?

Yes, you will get your money back under certain conditions with some administrative charges. Refund is however, not immediate or automatic as we are not a bank, but we are committed to ensuring that you get your money back within reasonable time.

7.Can I subscribe even though I don’t live in Abuja?

Yes, we have clients from other parts of Nigeria and abroad. Our transactions can be done online and with emails. But because we value our integrity, we prefer you see what you are buying yourself or through a proxy.

8.What kind of title do I get?

You will get a Deed of Assignment. Each estate will carry a global title document namely a Right of Occupancy or Certificate of Occupancy for the entire estate